As New Orleans rebuilds, many people are trying to resolve the city's history of crime and violence.  Louis Harding was working on this problem long before the levees broke.  Louis spent years trying to open a community center, The Marcus Garvey Resource Center.  In 2005, he was finally able to offer his first summer program, then Hurricane Katrina struck and the center was destroyed.  Despite the setback, 72-year-old Harding refuses to give up on his mission to combat poverty in New Orleans.  While sorting through the debris of his life, Louis discusses the importance of history, heroes, and self-esteem in the black community.  He explains how life for African-Americans in New Orleans has changed in the last 50 years and why making his dream a reality is more important than ever before.

A Loud Color is one of several short documentaries produced by the New Orleans Video Access Center. The series profiles New Orleanians and their struggle to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina. You can watch the film here or see the entire series on You Tube.